Electrolysis - help me, please


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Apr 27, 2012
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Any of you girls got any advice for electrolysis for the upper lip, it is my last assessment and I keep getting my self worked up because it's my last one I suppose!! Help me please!!! Xxx
Lacey, what advice are you looking for? Or is it just reassurance you need?:confused:

If this is your last electrolysis assessment, you must be competent already (even thought you may not realise it yet!) Upper lip is no different to any other area (bit like waxing). Yes, it does hurt, but just follow your knowledge - keep current as low as possible, dont overwork the area, use correct needle size ........ etc

You will be fine, I'm sure - if you've got this far, one more assessment is nothing you can't handle.

If you have a more specific problem, post it, and I'm sure you'll get the answer you're looking for xxx good luck:Love:
I done it :) I passed my last one today!! I have finished my level 3 aayaaaaaa xxx

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