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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi guys,

Can any of you tell me where I can buy Elemis products at trade prices please?

Thanks, xx
If noone can help - i do know that Bannatynes health fitness centres use these products so if yo are stuck then you might be able to ring them, explain what you do etc and they might tell you where they buy theirs from!?
Long shot but thought i would try to help!
Hi there.

I've just come back from working a contract on a cruise liner for Steiner who are the sister company of Elemis. Elemis head office is in Harrow Weald and their website is timetospa, Elemis, Elemis Spa Products, La Therapie skincare, Steiner haircare, Hair Care, steiner UK If you email their customer service on [email protected] you should get a satisfactory answer. I have a feeling that you will need their training before you can be a supplier of their products but my opinion is that Elemis products rock. I've been using them for the past 8 months. They are mainly supplied to land and sea based Elemis spas and I would think you have to be an accredited supplier but drop them a line. Nothing to lose :lol:

Not sure if you knew all this already but I hope it helps.

To buy Elemis prducts at trade prices you do need to be an accredited salon or spa owner and be trained in Elemis treatments and products.
As Gabi has said, you need to be an authorised stockist with elemis to buy them at trade prices, which will require an opening order and going on thier training.

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