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foxy vixen

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Oct 1, 2008
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Hi Geeks just looking for some business advice. I am looking to expand my hair and beauty salon in the spring and cant decide whether it would be best to employ staff or rent chairs, rooms, nail stations etc. I have been an employer and had people rent space from me and each set up has its own pros and cons. I dont enjoy the responsibility of employing people but I want to make sure the people working in the salon are really good at what they do. I dont want to just take there money at the expense of the salons reputation if you know what I mean. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I think you have answered your own question. If you want control of standards and the level of control over work hours/ attitude/ appearance etc etc, then you need to employ staff.
If people rent space from you, they are responsible for their own advertising, stock control, tax etc. Unfortunately, you aren't able to control their standards of service much, if at all. It's a balance between the extra work you as an owner take on and the reputation of your salon and only you can decide that.
I used to employ staff but now they are all self employed.
As for you not being able to control the standards of self employed people, I think you can.
When I decided to set my girls as self employed I had a meeting with a guy from HMRC we went over everything to make sure my girls would be self employed.
The result:
I provide stock and I pay for advertising etc. To our clients the salon is one big well oiled machine. My girls have signed a contract for service which among other things states that they will uphold the standards of service for the salon. If these standards are not upheld I can terminate their contract.
Hope that helps.
Hi Kate that sounds really good but who decides about hours of work holidays etc? Is there just one pricelist that everyone works from or can stylists use there discrection when charging clients they have maybe brought in previously as homers etc? Sorry about the ramble i just want to make sure i get it right.

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