Employment advice - does my junior have to be trained to assist?

Hi There,

I'm looking for some advice please... I've just opened a salon 2 weeks ago. My niece is looking for a Sat job as for the holidays. It would be great to get her in to help me with things like soak offs, data input, promoting the salon etc. It would be great to train her up in manis, pedis and gel polish too.

Does anyone know if she needs to have a qualification on order to perform these tasks? She trained in school in massage, hair and beauty but because of some health issues she missed the last few sessions and they wouldn't give her a certificate.

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Yes to be insured & fully qualified she will need her certificates to be working on clients


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Hi sqidgernetball....I also am looking at taking on a junior possibly when I open my little beauty room so any advice you could pm me too would be greatly appreciated xx