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Nov 6, 2003
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I'm a new user of this forum and thought i'd say hi. :salute:
Due to an illness that won't allow me to attend regular college training, i've decided to opt for the Essential Nails home study course. I have noticed alot of topics on this training. some good, some bad.
I'm new to this and in that, i'm hoping that you all could point me in the write direction.
The only nails i've ever had done was acrylic. What is the main difference between them and gel?

Sorry if this sounds dim!

Hi Cat! I also took one of the Essential Nail courses initially as I too was off sick and homebound after a major op, not only did it give me something to occupy my mind but it also gave me a great grounding for entering into the nail world, because you can do it at your own pace and when you feel up to it it is a great way to learn the basics, I do however believe you need to go on to further training if you are serious about a career in the nail industry, I for instance did some with Ezflow, Light Elegance and Tennails and this last month have taken the Creative Foundation course which in my opinion gives you the best info and advice and practical work to feel confident in the work place. Gina Wallace is a wonderful tutor and she is almost always available for advice on her website. As for L&P and Gel, I have trained in both and my personal preference is L&P but some techs absolutely love to work with gel, it's what you find the most comfortable to work with and what gives the best results,and of course what your clients want! I was rubbish at gels despite getting a distinction on the EN course and I get much better results with L&P but for instance Ruth (NailsinLondon1) does amazing work with Fabric# which is a wrap system. I always find it's worth trying all three systems to find which one suits you best. Anyway I'll stop rambling now! Good luck with the course! Jx
Hi Jo,
L&P? :?: whats that! I'm not used to this language yet!!!

Also, MMA, whats it in, what should i avoid etc......

Hi Cat, L&P is Liquid and Powder, otherwise known as....acrylic!! if you look at this..... MMA ..... it should have a blue line underneath it,if you click on it it will give you some info... I'm not the most knowledgable person on it so someone else might want to help with more info but basically if you buy your Monomer from a reputable nail company (like Creative!) you can be sure your monomer is EMA. Jx
:oops: Thanks Jo :D
Can you tell i'm new!!!!
I've just looked on what an excellent website. I have definately made my mind up to order the home study kit. I think acrylics is the way for me.
What do you use?
Hiya! Well I now use Creative L&P and to be honest I wish I had used it from the beginning, Retention+ monomer is a godsend! I take my foundation exam on monday so hopefully I will be a fully fledged creative nail technician within a few weeks!! Good luck with the course and if you speak to Gina tell her 'Pinkrainbow Jo' says hi! Jxx
because i am a housewife wife and mum of threee boys also my husband works away i did the en acrylic tip and overlay course and went on and did my maintenance course i am half way through the airbrush course these course have given me a good foundation to inprove on i have learnt with nails you never stop learning and improving your technique.
this has stood me in good stead as i too would like to do creative foundation course when i have saved and found a place near me that does creative training as i live in portsmouth.
essential nails are there for you for advice on anything they are really helpful
good luck
Good luck Jo. I'm hoping to do the creative course after the homestudy. by that time, health wise, I should be better enough to attend.
Many thanks for your help. :D
:salute: Hi jo,
i'm glad to hear that you're doing ok with the airbrush course. You've all given me inspiration to order my kit. Its a minefield. Are there any books i should get other than that from the kit?
your airbrush kit comes with a fantastic airbrush book any way.
but i ordered the new nail artistry from
and it is so inspirational.
other really good books are the encyclopedia of nails and product chemistry by doug schoon
they will really help you as will this site it is invaluable you can ask anything reguardless on how silly it is.
when you get your course have it permanently set up so you dont have to get it all out when you use it or you become lazy and if it is out you can practise even if you have a spare ten minutes.
Hi Jo Jo + Jo!
Sorry for asking you all these questions :oops:
Am i right in thinking that the nail kit comes complete with glue ect to use only on the trainer hand? If so, If I choose to use Creative products, what would I need and where do I buy supplies from?

I really do appreciate all your help. :thumbsup:
Just answered my own question! Seems that you can only buy Creative nail products if you are Creative trained. That solves that one!

That leads me to my question. What products are you both using?
Hi Cat! Yes the Essential Nails kits come with everything you need to do the course on the nail trainer. I'm not sure I understand you correctly but if you mean you pass the Essential Nails course then want to buy Creative I'm pretty sure you would need to take either a conversion course or a foundation course, the conversion can only be taken after being qualified in the industry for a year or more, why not get Designer Nails to send you the course info or call them and discuss with one of the training team,they will be able to talk you through your options and what you need to do to go Creative! Just a thought..... the Essential Nails courses cost roughly the same (maybe a little less but not much) than the CND foundation course... is there no way you could get to an academy near you for the 4 days? You do three days, then practise for a few weeks then go back for your exam and rebalance day... it might be worth investing in that up front? Jx
I suggest you ring 0113 275 5719 and speak to a Creative Academy Advisor.

This is a central number for all Creative Nail Academies. An advisor will be happy to assist you in finding a Creative Academy near to you and will send you information and answer all your questions.

The Creative Foundation course includes an EN Nail trainer in the cost of the course as well as all the products you need to complete the course ... and the biggest bonus of all is that you get 'live' tuition and all the support you need after the course.

If you train in another way, then you will have to prove that you have been in the business of nails and 'doing' nails for at least a year before Creative will allow you to do a conversion course to their product. The obvious questions , Why pay twice?? So many people have gone this route and wished they hadn't (read the messages above).

If your only option is to learn nails remote from a trainer then that is your choice. Personally I would wait until the time is right for you and save yourself both time and money. You will get on a lot faster in the long run ... won't pick up any bad habits that you will have to break later, and you will be using the best quality product and get the best training available.
:bouncy: Morning Jo Jo,
Unfortunately I cant get to proper training school because i've just been diagnosed with a type of tumor on my brain. This is curable but it means I suffer alot, like everyday, with migraines. I'd rather not sign up for one of these courses and then can't attend. This is the reason for choosing a homestudy course. Not only will I learn the basics of doing acrylics, but also it will help me take my mind off my illness.
I was thinking that after doing this EN course and then getting better, I could then do a course with the local Creative Ambassodor.
Does that make sense?
:salute: Morning Geeg,
I've caught on. I can totally see what you're saying. Sorry to everyone for the long time catching on!!!
The lady who done my nails, is a Creative Ambassodor. I know she runs the training programme. I will contact her for more details.

In the mean time, i'll hold on to my EN order form.

Thankyou all very much indeed. :meow:
Yeah babe course that makes sense! I did the same thing earlier this year like I mentioned in my first message, the EN course really did help me to feel positive and helped me to get better, you can always private message me to chat about this sort of stuff Cat. Like Geeg says I would still give the academy advisors a call and get all the info so you know whats what, they are very helpful and friendly and then at least you know what your options are. Don't go thinking the EN course is an easy option though babe cos it does include quite alot of work so don't go rushing it! :D Seriously though give the advisors a call.... Jx
Morning love,

It's best to contact the number I gave you, as trainers do not book their own courses.

All the course booking is done from that central number. They will also be able to send you details and brochures etc. There are 5 or 6 Academy advisors at the above number whose sole purpose at their job is to give you the best information they can about courses. If you have a specific trainer you would like to go to then by all means tell them this, but we have several in your area.. ish!!

I can understand your impatience to 'get on' and get started, but I don't think you will get on any faster by another route.
Jo Jo, you are a sweet heart.

Its not going to hurt me finding out more details from the creative course.
Did you do the conversion or foundation course for Creative?
:goal: Cheers Geeg. I will give them a ring sometime this morning.
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