Exam nails - stressing myself out!


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Sep 23, 2015
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Hi everyone! I've got my foundation l&p exam on Monday with NSI and I'm freaking myself out. I've been trying to find pictures of nails that have passed but I'm drawing a blank. Can anyone help? I can do a fairly good set of nails (well every client I've done has been happy) but they aren't as streamlined as I'd like. Any ideas what they will be looking for? X

Ps this is my first post [emoji16] xx
Not sure what theyll be looking for but when i assess nails, the things i look for are-
Cleanliness, hygiene standards, timing, length, tip is correct fit and is on properly, nails are even in length and thickness, not too thick or thin, structure, nice crisp even smile line,smile lines all the same, the colours used must be even and not cloudy, file techniques, scratches in the nails, buffing techniques, any damage to client INSTANT FAIL (cuticles red, cuts from file etc...) overall look of the nails umm..... i think thats about it

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