A few questions about starting out mobile gel nails after lockdown?


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Feb 6, 2021
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I'm hoping to start gel nails from home/ mobile after lockdown but I just have a few questions about starting up. I'm OPI trained, this is who I trained in gels with, but I just can't afford to invest in them starting up. I'm looking for a brand on the same sort of level but at a budgeted price - so far I've looked at blue sky, CND, the gel bottle and glitterbell amongst a couple others. I'm also tempted by mylee as I get on well with the mylee lamp and wax pots, but I've been told they aren't considered a professional brand and so to stay away. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? And can anyone provide a bit more knowledge about the brands I've listed / which ones are a yay or a nay?

Also on that note, I've noticed that all the CND bottles I've looked at are shellac. I hope this doesn't sound silly, but is there a major difference between gel and shellac? I saw that shellac is meant to be more polish based and so easier to remove, does this mean it lasts for less time than classic gels? And would it be the same application, just base coat, cure, colour, etc etc?

I'm very new to this. Any help is appreciated!
Shellac is just another brand of gel polish, personally I could never get along with it even when using the complete system it was too thin and would chip, Love opi the price is higher however you do get 15ml in the bottle compared to the 7.5ml with shellac, you will also need to be trained by sweet2 to be able to purchase. Naio nails do a great range at a good price as do daisy nail design and mollylac however you may be sneered at on here by some as they are Chinese and Polish respectively. The gel bottle I personally found had bad customer service.
Bluesky is frowned upon as it's not considered a professional brand, anyone can buy their products from amazon. However I know they have a professional only side too, so might be worth looking at that? I have used bluesky a lot and really do love their products. The only reason I am re-branding from Bluesky to CJP is because of the professional aspect.
CND is considered the "best" brand by many, I haven't used it but I've seen a lot of good things. Shellac is simply CND's name for their gel range.
Spend some time reading through here to see why we do not recommend The Gel Bottle. I shouldn't tell you how to run your business, but stay away from TGB.
Gliterbells is never one I ever considered....I know people love their acrylic, but I don't hear much of their gel.

I really like CJP. I've started converting this year, so have only used their products on myself, It'll be interesting to see how my clients gel on with them once we are out of lockdown

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