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Aug 1, 2003
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hi fellow geekettes,

a silly question :oops: , is the excel show for trade only. their website seems to make you think it is and a i'm not a pro techie yet, i would still like to go. hope to see many of you on sunday then.

hugzzzzzz and lot's of thanks :D
casey xxx

PS: good luck to all in the competion's xxx
Hi Casey

What is the website address please?

Love Paula
Hi Casey :eyesore:

I got free tickets with one of my magazine subscriptions (I have Nails, Salon and Scratch so I can't remember which one they came with!!) - if you can get hold of one of those you'll get tickets with it free - I'd let you have mine but I'm still undecided if I'm going or not yet :oops:

Take care
Hi Casey

I was told you can go if you are a pro or have a genuine interest in Nails, So i cant see this being a problem.

I might be bringing my best mate who loves Nails and beauty and she has the longest naturel beautiful nails you have ever seen , she will tell you the secret behind it is drinking milk.

Hope to see ya there

Cazza :D :D
Hi Casey,

Have sent you a PM regarding tickets to Excel.
For any of you who would like to go and havn't got a ticket............
Call Professional Nails 2003 on 020 7610 3001
I am sure they will pop one in the post for you

Hope this helps
Ruth xxx
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