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Jul 20, 2008
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Does anyone know of ANYWHERE that does express lash training. I'm already a master tech and just want to learn the express system. Thanks everyone:confused:
Express lashes should be covered on the Nouveau masters training. Wasn't that the course you did?
Glam lash do express lash training as well :)
Yes angelina it is but as you know I wasn't happy with them or rather the trainer and I would like to do a course purely on express lashes, cos I just can't seem to get mine to look as nice as the ones they advertise. If you have any tips I would be grateful.
Ha i complained about the masters training myself so am having the training again next week. Going to a different training centre this time though so fingers crossed.
You really should complain if you weren't happy. I complained about my original training and had some one come to my salon to do the training again. This training was excellent.
Unfortunately the masters training was not the best either but at least they offer to do the training again if you're not happy. They also gave me half the money back.
I thought i would do it in Yorkshire this time as i have had the same trainer every time so i thought having another trainer would be better and i can see the difference then.
Give them a ring, they are usually very helpful on the phone.
I still do my express lashes with the eyes closed as i prefer it. I had mine done on the training course with the open-eye technique that they teach, and i hated it. My eyes streamed the whole time and it was the most unpleasant treatment i've ever had.
Maybe try doing it with the eyes closed until you feel more confident. Even having to prepare and everything, it still only takes me 30-45 mins to do a set.
Give them a ring though and see what they say :hug:
Already did and I've now done my masters twice with them with the same trainer who just talks about herself, family,weight etc etc thats why I'd like to do express training with another company. I just can't seem to get the fuller look with them.
There's a girl on here called 'Oddball'. She does the blink and go lashes and hers look lovely. Maybe you could pm her and see if she can give you some tips.
I have my re-training next Wednesday so if i learn anything new i will let you know!
I know glam lash do the training for a reasonable price so you could look into that. How far are you from me?
I'm about 75 miles from you, I'll have a look at Glam Lash and give oddball a pm.
Do let me know how you get on then at least we'll no if its the trainer.
AH Francis do the Express Lash training on it's own x
Sorry to hear that - why don't you give Jody Knight a call on 0845 6443994 and let us see if we can resolve it for you? Otherwise, PM me - let me know who you've spoken to already and let me see if we can sort this out for you - we don't want anyone leaving our training unappy, especially if there's something we could do to help.

Already did and I've now done my masters twice with them with the same trainer who just talks about herself, family,weight etc etc thats why I'd like to do express training with another company. I just can't seem to get the fuller look with them.
A H francis express lashes is fab!
Ok so i had my training again at Yorkshire so i can give you an update.
The training was excellent and i had a fab day. In fact, i was so impressed that i booked to do the LVL course and the HD Brows course as well.
All of the girls at the training academy are really friendly and very helpful.
I now do the express lashes with the open-eye technique. I had mine done again on the course and my eyes didn't stream this time and i feel much more confident doing them with the eyes open now. I was struggling with the stretch before. On my original training i was shown a three way stretch which is used in semi-permanent make-up and i really wasn't confident doing it as my hand was in the way all the time. They showed me how to do a different stretch so i'm much happier.
I did the LVL course a couple of weeks ago and again, this training was excellent.
I have training again this Sunday and then I have my HD Brows next week as well.
I decided to do all the training at Yorkshire. It's a bit further for me to go but i just feel much happier doing my training there.
I know you had the same trainer as me originally so i'm now thinking that maybe it is down to the trainer. Now i don't want to single her out and make her sound really bad but i do think the training should be of the same standard, whichever trainer you have. I'm not sure if their trainers are regularly assessed but it may be something that Nouveau should look at.
I really hate to complain as well and i'm sure Nouveau must have thought 'Oh god it's that Angelina again'. :lol:
Every company makes mistakes at times, but it's how they deal with those complaints that determines how good a company is. If they are not aware of any problems then they can't rectify the situation, so if anyone is not happy with any training, then they should always voice their concerns.
I am very happy with the way Nouveau has dealt with my complaints.
Yes, it's unfortunate that the training wasn't up to scratch in the first place but they have more than compensated for this and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them in the future.
I would definitely give Jodie a call. She was the trainer who came to my salon and she was also one of the trainers on my LVL course. She is an excellent trainer and i'm sure she'll help you with any problems :)
Thank you I will give Jodie a call to see if something can be arranged.

Angelina thanks for your positive comments, its given me some faith again so will keep you posted.

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