Extensions getting a bit tangled - advice on products or care?


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Jan 20, 2012
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I have had new extensions fitted a few weeks now, but I have noticed in the last week or 10 days that they are tangling quite easily. When I run my fingers through my hair, they don't run through smoothy and i constantly have to undo tangles or brush my hair to get my hair smooth again. Are there any products that will stop this happening? A friend of mine said morrocan oil or something similar is good for keeping my hair smooth, but does anyone have any suggestions??
Do you know what type of extensions they are? Indian, chinese...? And do you know where they are from? Did the person who fitted your hair advise you on after care?
Do you use conditioner? Hair should be conditioned every time you wash it. Conditioning time is better to be 30 minutes at least.
Any argan oil will be fine for your extensions, are you not using any products currently? What shampoo & conditioner are you using?

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