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Feb 20, 2004
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Witney Oxfordshire
Can anybody help me? I am looking to order some extra wide tips but i cannot find anywhere that sell these, has anybody any suggestions, and if i can order some online that would be fantastic.

Thank you for your help in advance
What tips do you use at the moment?

Different company's tips vary in size - CND Eclipse size 1 is slightly bigger than say the Formation size 1. NSI Elation tips I find are very flexible and their size 1 fits most of my bigger fingered clients. If you need anything bigger again then Pronails do BIGGER tips which go up to about 4 sizes bigger than a standard size 1. The only downside of using bigger tips is no one yet has brought out a tip cutter for bigger tips LOL.
Star nails to an extra large size - you can get these from Dennis Williams and Sallies wholesalers...atb
or you could learn to sculpt so you can do away with tips on a majority of your cleints then!! what a time saver!! i learnt to sculpt with lisa smith at sittingbourne in one of my master classes and it was great so easy to do !! :D
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