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Mar 3, 2013
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I went on an eyebrow course a few weeks ago, and ever since then I have been noticing peoples eyebrows. Just watching Loose Women (I know, I know) and have noticed how awful I find the brows on the woman hosting the show.

Does anyone else do this?
I have just started my level 2 beauty course & we are currently focusing on eyebrow shapes/tinting. I keep noticing people & thinking 'that eyebrow shape doesn't suit your face' or 'a lighter tint should've been used' haha! I know i shouldn't judge but i have noticed alot more since starting this course x
I'm starting my L2 course on Tuesday, so it's only going to get worse, I fear!
Just wait till we start waxing ;) we'll be asking to look at peoples legs to see if they need it doing haha! Hope you enjoy the course, i love it so far x
It doesn't go away im afraid. 10 years on I am still obsessed with other people's eyebrows! There must be a name for this psychological condition :D

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I was chatting to one of my neighbours last week and I had never noticed that she has lots of hair on her chin. It's very fine, but thick and quite long. And fair. She is only young, early thirties, and I was so tempted to ask her if she would like to try threading. My eyes kept being drawn to it, and I felt quite uncomfortable.
Lol! Me too! Just can't help myself! Xx
I'm exactly the same! My husband always tuts at me when I point out terrible brows on newsreaders, TV presenters etc!
Yes i do this x
Thank god thought it was just me x

I look at everyone's eyebrows, lashes ,
Upper lip nails etc x lol cant help my self
Think its because we work with such precision , we notice it more xx
I do it but I do it because I get what I call brow envy :( because mine are terrible since collage days i spot bsd brows and think what could be done and I spot great ones and think I wish they were mine :(

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I love looking at beauty blogs but cringe when I see close ups of eye makeup and they have straggly eyebrows. They could have got them neatened up especially when the eyes look really pretty.
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Ahhhh I get this. A girl came in today and she had a full on brow under her proper brow. Not bushy, just a gap, then another brow. I couldn't look or i'd of wrestled her to the floor with tweezers in my hand!

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Oh yea. Hairy eyebrows kills me! My sisters drives me nuts, i can't believe they let theirs grow and wait ages till they come to me, it bugs the heck outta me..And when i do them i make a huge fuss telling them how bad they are. haha true sisterly love... But yes i notice eyebrows a lot more..
I love this thread, I always notice eyebrows and ear hair!!! Just can't help myself taking a sneaky peek ;-)

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