Eyelash extensions techs in Weston Super Mare/Burnham on Sea


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Oct 3, 2013
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Weston super Mare
Hi, I have just had a set of extensions done and I absolutely love how they have opened up my eyes but after a week I have lost almost half - how long are they meant to last?

Also I would love this to be a more permanent look for me so can you get semi permanent lashes and if so how much on average do they cost?

If anyone can recommend any great techs in the wsm/burnham on sea area would love to hear from you x
Anyone? X
Hi MummyK, i'm new to semi permanent eyelashes so I could be wrong but....... either the technician has applied the semi permanent eyelashes to more of your "mature" lashes and not enough to the "teenager" lashes in which case the mature ones will fall out naturally as they are at the end of their cycle or it could be the glue they used wasn't good enough to hold the bond or it could be your aftercare. If you know you have followed the aftercare fully then its one of the other things i suggested. Hope this helps :)
Thank u v much. [emoji2] x

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