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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, would anyone mind sending me a PM, regarding how much you think it costs to do an eyelash tint on a client? thanks
This is quite hard to do hun as every area is different.
You need to check out other therapists in your area and see what they charge personally I charge £9.50 for a tint.:hug:
$35. for eyelashes add $10. if they get brows done at the same time.
i charge £10 for eyelast tint.
Hope this helps xx
Hi, thanks for the replies, I dont want to know how much you charge your client for their eylash tint.

I would like to know how much it costs to actually do the treatment, not profit.

I worked it out to be approximately 40-50p, depending on how many cotton wool pads you use at the end to remove the tint. As with most treatments the client is mainly paying for your time & expertise.
The product cost to actually do an eyelash tint is not very much since you really only need 2 products (the dye and activator) and neither cost over 20 dollors. In addition to that you'll need vaseline, some cotton and Q-tips, all of which should last a long time if you buy in bulk.

Where I live, the dye and activator cost roughly $13 or $14 each. Say thats $30 for the product right? And say you get about 15-20 treatments per tube.
If you charge $10 per treatment you'd be making $150-$200 per tube (minus the $30 product fee).

Therefor, this is a treatment where it's better to charge less, because your clients will be more likely to re-book monthly.

PS: if you work in a salon you can charge 1 to 3 dollars more.
Following on from spakitten Salon System ELT is £3.40 +vat per tube & activator is £2.20 +vat

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