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Aug 31, 2003
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i have just received my try me kit :D . Can someone tell me, when i apply the bond over the fibreglass, it goes transparent but i can still see the pattern of the fibreglass. Is this normal :?: Also when i tidy around edges between build and boost, do i leave the rest of the nail or do i have to take the shine off :?:
Hi Hun,
Well when you apply Bond make sure you do it slowly, this way you make sure that the mesh it fully saturated...............
The fibre glass will be still visible, but only as a raised texture, not whitish like before...........
This disappears completely when you have applied build and boost..and finished the nail with a buff.........

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxx
Thanks Ruth. When i tidy up in between build and boost do i leave the rest of the nail or do i have to take off the shine :?:
Just after the build, tidy up the edges and just take of the shine a little, this makes sure that there is no activator left on the nail..........
Because this can cause your brush on activator brush to become all cloggy.

Love Ruth xxxxxx
Thanks again Ruth. Got another question to ask you. When I apply a bead of boost, do i apply to all ten nails and then blast or do I do one nail at a time :?:
When you apply the bead of boost, you need to use the blast brush on activator, you then spread the bead , with the activator brush on to the nail, a bit like nail varnish..and remember to build in your stress area with this application....so you have to do one finger at the time, or you beads will roll all over the place , with the hand movement...........

And do not use the blast spray on activator, or you will cause a heat sensation that will have you or your clients hit the roof lol
love Ruth xxxx
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