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The Geek

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
The site has been re-vamped.

I'm still ironing out some teeny wrinkles (all of the news dates are out o whack) but other than that... were sorted.

New features:
  • News page - Allows you to comment on news stories and view stories by category
  • Revamped Novels and tutorials section - pics are bigger and flow makes more sense
  • New forum navigation - the forums have a new navigation bar where you can jump to each forum much easier
  • Post spell check - a spell checking feature for your posts
  • Shopping - your geek wear link is now available
  • Jump to poll - you can now jump to the random poll by clicking the link
  • Chat - you can now see who is in the chat room and join in by clicking the link
Thats about all I can think of for right now. email me if you come across any wierdness and i'll sort it out asap.


the Geek :fro:
As usual I jumped in feet first (thought I was missing something, and wouldn`t miss Olympia for anything) before I knew it was teething problems. New site looks great, you do a great job
great revamp nail geek!!!!! :D
i like the larger pics on the tutorials too, less strain on the old eyes :ack:
Lurve the new look and the new tutorical format is FAB!!! :D :D :D

THANK YOU for all your hard work, Mr & Mrs Geek and giving us all such a great site!!! :D :D

hi geek

just to let you know i am loving the new board it is FAB

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