Urgent visor face mask advice needed


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I’ve ditched the visors and wear goggles instead with a medical class mask. I too wear glasses when doing close up work ie nails, waxing, lashes etc. I’m 59 and working in IT prior to 2006 and office work on computers messed my close up vision up, so I’m with the group of glasses wearers. I rang NHBF and was quite abruptly told you either wear a mask and a visor or a mask and goggles or you don’t work in a salon. Felt like I was a teenager again! But anyway the goggles work for me over my glasses. You get used to them after a short time.
I bought some great goggles online when we went back last year (after a couple of weeks of sweating profusely with the visor). Fit over my glasses perfectly, so much more comfortable and within government guidelines when worn with a type II mask.
Morning, I checked the Scottish government guidelines published March and it says a mask must be worn and a visor is not compulsory ? This is on guidelines for close contact services. At the moment as it stands we are not going to be permitted to do facial treatments which involves removing the clients mask. It is all so confusing at times. I definitely struggled with vision wearing the visor and mask so will watch this thread. Good luck to you all going back on the 12th. We can’t wait for 26th to open !
Hi got this email today about face mask wearing and visor/goggles in case anyone still needed clarification


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