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May 9, 2011
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Hi geeks
Need as much info as anyone can give me please. I have a princess party coming up and I need to get or make mine own face mask which is suitable for children aged 8-11.
Can someone please recommend some products suitable or even a recipe
Thanks all :)
Use products that are soothing and calming as least likely to cause a reaction.
There are aromatherapy skin care companies mentioned on here alot which have great aloe Vera based soothing gel type masques.

Or how about mixing oatmeal with camomile tea - again soothing and hydrating
As the girls are quite young i'd try the oatmeal and camomile tea mix, or oatmeal and rosewater - mix it up and put it on then wash off with warm water. Mashed advocado or mashed banana and honey might be good too and something they could do at home as well.
Some facial mask products from skincare companies may be a bit strong to use on such young skin - so i'd only use facial products suitable for very sensitive skin and not leave it on for so long either.
You are brave doing a princess party!
choccy x x
Thanks for your info back I am going to try them on myself tomorrow I think . Silly question but I've never made a mask before but the camomile tea is that just the herbal tea you can get from anywhere
So sorry your prob roiling over now with laughter :)
Not laughing at you! and yes it is the tea you drink - make it up with warm water then use the tea to mix into the oatmeal (just ordinary porridge oats - don't use ready brek or instant porridge though!).
Good luck with it, if you are near a beauty wholesalers they usually sell tubs of facial oatmeal, and bottles of rose water, orange water etc to mix up with them, usually very reasonable price if that helps. We trained with powders and liquids in college - to adapt masks to different skin types etc, but now most therapists do use ready made up masks most of the time.
Ask away if you get stuck!
Choccy x x
aww good luck with the party let us know how u get on with it im thinking of offering this as alot of my clients have young girls and always ask (im just abit unsure what to offer as treatments and what to charge)so any info you can give would be a great help xxx
Chocolate, oh and enjoy the mess:twisted:
I think for this age group it will be fun to go with the natural fruit route.
There are LOADS of recipes on t'internet but basically any mashed fruit, usually mixed with something like honey (acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin).

Or, you could get a clay like Rhassoul which is very gentle on the skin. Mix this with a bit of cocoa powder & your mashed fruit or yoghurt even.

You can get gauze too which may be a good idea to apply to the face 1st then apply your mixture over the top. Makes removal sooo much easier.

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