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Sep 20, 2008
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Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago i was raging on here about fb changing my friends page to a like page and totally losing all my pics,links etc!
So anyway i then posted to say a good client of ours who happens to own a web design business totally sorted it out for me and not only that but we have a bloody fab page now!
Our likes,links,comments and viral viewings have gone through the roof since.
Afew of you messaged me asking for her details and ive responded to a few but decided id put up a post to let you all know in case anyone else fancied a ganders.
I cant say highly enough how much better and more proffesional our page now looks and all for a really small fee,which we made back within 30 mins of the page going live!She charges £80 for the below.
Check out our salon page,ragamuffins,and like it and i can like all of yours thenx
Details below guys :)

1 x Facebook start up ‘page’.
• Custom username/URL for your Page. This is reliant on 25 fans/likes on your page which I will help you to generate.
• Two cover images [initial images supplied by the client & edited]
• Two Profile images [initial images supplied by the client & edited]
• 1 x album [generated from images supplied by the client]
• Info page setup [generated from text supplied by the client]

Regarding images and text/info, if you have a web site, I can usually get most of what I need from there. If I need more I’ll let you know. Once I have the page created you will be an ‘admin’ of your page jointly with me. This means you can edit and alter your page as you see fit, and you can remove me as an admin once I have finished it.

Any further / ongoing work with your page would be quoted for separately after the initial set-up. Please see example pages here:

[email protected]
I'm struggling to see what they have done that everyone can't do themselves in 5 mins?? Maybe I need to re-read the list properly! #tired
Wow that was an interesting read, never knew that.
Crazybek show us your page then! :) can you give a link? xx
Her link is in her list if you fancy taking a peek! The shop front is so pretty!

Ok, so I think I have worked out what they are charging for.....making your header image the right size? I'm still a little confused........? £80?
Her link is in her list if you fancy taking a peek! The shop front is so pretty!

Ok, so I think I have worked out what they are charging for.....making your header image the right size? I'm still a little confused........? £80?

The other pages shes put up are relatively new in the last week or so,but yes basically its great for people who have a friends page and are wanting to change to a public business page,also for people who arent sure how to run or set up a page and make it look pleasing to the eye!Shes great at setting up totally new pages aswell for people who dont know facebook well as once its up and running its easier for some people to keep on top of x
Seems to me this person is charging £80 to set a Facebook page up, and nothing more. You have to provide images and text. Something we all can do in 30 minutes?!

And for that reason...I'm out
I didnt have 30 mins to create a page when my original page dissapeared last Tuesday morning from the site!
I had real problems sorting it out and in the end contacted her as she very reliable and helped me out of a massive hole and made my page look fab,to which im very grateful for.She stopped what she was doing and helped me straight away as i was running fully booked,late and the boss was away so was in a situation!
I posted on here how pleased i was with the page and quite a few fellow geeks pmed me to ask for her details,not everyone is geared up for facebook business.
Im replying to the geeks who enquired by post as its easier than emailing many times over!

So anyway,as i said,because this lovely lady helped me out of a hole and i was so happy with her work i thought id share it.

Over and out;)
I think £80 for helping you out in an emergency is probably a fair fee - however £80 for anyone who have ever used FB to set up a business page is probably a little on the steep side in my view.
I can't see anything on there that I didn't do on my page other than your images which from what you stated you provided yourself anyway?

For you £80 was money well spent and that's great :) But people can definitely do this themselves in 30 mins if they wanted to :)
Oh I'm sure she's lovely, and helped you when you were in a panic. My questioning posts are just to perhaps help protect the money of other geeks. I don't even think setting up a page takes 30 mins to be honest, and I just wanted to make sure other geeks were aware at how simple the process is. Facebook make it super easy to have a nice looking page.

I wouldn't want people thinking it is normal procedure to pay to have a fb page, that's all.

ETA - Alternatively.....I'll set up any pages for £40 ;-) #joke

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