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Dec 28, 2015
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Am I being stupid or can you not share posts from your business page to your personal profile anymore?!
Also, is ther anyway I can invite somebody that isn't my friend on Facebook to my page? Without direct messaging her?
No you can't share from your page to your profile but you can share the page post using your profile (if that makes sense) you can't invite anyone that isn't a friend & you can't message anyone who hasn't already messaged your page.... It's all a bit pants really lol

I'm thinking about setting up a group for my shop I feel like I'm getting nowhere with my page, I just don't know the rules for groups & I had my profile taken off me once so I'm not up for breaking rules again :/
I have joined about 8 local community groups that allow business posts. This has definitely helped in getting my name out there and attracting new clients - all for free!
[emoji1] so your personal friends can all invite their friends to like your page so I very kindly asked my friends on my personal page to each invite 10 of there friends to like my page [emoji1]they ended up inviting many more though so I ended up with loads of likes. Xxx

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