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Jan 26, 2011
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I've been reading with interest about your Facebook like pages.
Can I just ask, (as someone who hasn't got a clue lol) has anyone got a group instead of a like page? Are they harder to manage and keep track of?
Groups are connected to your profile so that any posts will seem to be by you. Also they are not placed on google search.

Create a page, much easier to use from a professional point of view IMO.
So if someone liked a page, would updates to that page just appear on their page like status updates? Or do you have to physically go to that page to read?
I've liked pages in the past but would have no idea where to go back to them now, unless it's just me being thick lol
Updates will show in their feed as by the page :) The only reason they wouldn't if if they have chosen not to recieve them and I have a feeling Facebook brought in a new thing that if they person hasn't interacted with the page in so many months that it stops showing on their feed - so it is important you keep your clients interest in the page and getting them to like photos or posts etc :)
Ahh right, thank you :)
Agreed, groups are for 'groups', and a business isn't a group of like minded people, and therefore it should have a page.

It personally drives me mad when I get added to a group without being asked.

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