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Jun 13, 2012
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i have a question on my assignment and im struggling to answer it. the question is 'explain the skin characteristics and skin types of different ethnic client groups' really would appreciate it if someone could help me thank you!
I would do a bit of research on google hon...one of the things you need to look at is how one particular type of ethnic skin scars, also some skin types are more prone to oilier skin, another type will age quicker, another more resistant to the sun, another will be easily damaged by the sun, just write down the main ethnic skin types and compile a list, Good luck tinax
Think its meaning what are the different characteristics for say African Caribbean, Caucasian, Asian for example African Caribbean has a larger sebaceous glad, produces more melanin etc. If its all the answers your wanting i'll dig out the books and write it down for you but I am sure you will get the answers from google. If not give me a shout !:D
Please don't be offended but we don't give out the answers to homework on here. There are lots of threads on the subject of skin types etc, so I'm sure you'll find your answers.
Good luck.
Look up the Fitzpatrick Scale

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