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Apr 18, 2012
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Tyne and Wear
hi geeks

I trained with the lovely fantasy tan about 7 years ago and my trusty old fantasy tan caddy is still running strong however my gun has stopped spraying out the solution!

It sounds like the air is still coming out so I dint think it's blocked but I've tried and I can't get it to spray out!

anywY! ......As a short term solution I'm using the airbrush connector pen gun! I know!!!!! so old school I remember training with this when st tropez first started spray tanning so it takes me about 15-20 mins to do a full body!

can anyone recommend a gun that will work on my caddy? do they all have the same connection? kind of pushes in then twist the cap to secure?
can anyone recommend the best gun without being too pricey!

thanks in advance!

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