Filbert or is it to feel Bert (hehehe)


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Jan 12, 2003
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God I'm such a larf ( :rofl: ).

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.............What is a 'filbert' brush and where can you get it from...............all answers gratefully received.


After seeing Christies latest nail art, I want a Filbert to!!!!
Well, after seeing Christie's nail art I decided to take her advice and pop down to my local art shop to get myself a brush. But oh lord - when I got there, there was hundreds of the little buggers :? So I very carefully sifted my way through until I finally gave in and asked the assistant if she had ever heard of a filbert brush (I was very embarrassed! :oops: ). She just laughed and said of course she'd heard of it and she even asked me if it was for nails!!!! Obviously lots of Christies fans have been there as well :D

So I very happily handed over my pennies and away I went to perform some magical nail art. I got home and found it wasn't as easy as Christie made it look hence the fact that I've not posted any pictures and I'm still practising!!!!

I'm having a major crisis!! I just went into a small art shop & asked for a filbert, (except that I actually called it a 'filibut-thingy' :oops:), to which the girl,who was about 12, ran through the 8 different varities of Filbert that they did!! OMG!! I just whimpered quietly that all I knew was it was a small one & was going to be used for nails. She kept on about all the different types & eventually after I managed to work out which was the one I needed, she tood me they'd run out :evil:

So I'm off to a huge craft store on Monday to get one from there!
Hey, I did manage to get the 0/10 line that Christie uses so now I'm gonna site watching her site all afternoon & follow her tutorials!!
How much was it nail star?

I know what you mean about the brushes, in hte end I just picked the pretty lilac & powder pink ones!! Oh Lordy.... :rolleyes:
I think it was about £5. Not too expensive but I suppose they range in prices.
hey my ears were burnen!

Yeah just go into an art store and ask for the brush. They will know...

The brush on the left is a small filbert brush.
Dip just the tip of the brush in the paint and then hold it at a slight angle and dap a petal. It IS easy! lol... keep trying.. ;)
Without realizing what exactly I was buying the other day I went to Walmart and just bought a bunch of bruches so I can start "playing" around. I actually did something right. Go figure, I can do something right. lol
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