Fimo nail art?


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Jan 3, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing some research in Fimo nail art and it looks really fun, although I don't know if it would be popular or not?

What are your opinions on it?

I've got several different fimo pieces, fruit, butterflies and flowers and no one has wanted them yet. I've used them on my own toes to try to get interest but so far no one wants them xx
Where do you get yours from? I think im gonna get some so I can have a little play and see if I like it!!!

Sorry to interrupt! But I get most of my nail art supplies from Nail Delights, they are fab and not expensive at all! :)
eBay! Nail delights are fab too x
I've had them for some time now and my clients all coment on how cute they are and how the fruit would be great for holidays; but I actually can't remember when I last used them.

I wouldn't invest too much money in them, try out a few at 1st to test the waters with your clients.

I get mine from here:
Nail Art Canes - Nail Art Canes & Oak Tree Dollshouse Miniatures
Thanks everyone, I have ordered some off eBay just to try on myself, friends and family and if I get on well then I will get some off the other websites!

I just got some off amazon but not really for clients - unless they want them! Just thought I'd have a play around and my little girls will love them! Also might be good for the school Christmas fayre as I paint the children's and parents nails so they might be popular x
They were quite cheap
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I've got some and used a few times on myself and for the 1st time on a client few days ago for her holiday to Mexico, to go just on her thumbs with l&p acrylic colour/glitter tips, she had some fruit, kiwi, watermelon and orange, looked lovely.

There a cheap thing so I thought why not add to my art stuff, you never know :)

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