Finding a burnt orange colour!


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Aug 23, 2013
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Hi guys I'm looking to go this burnt orange auburn color but with still lots of vibrancy! Any suggestions? I use wella at work but I don't see a good one I could use to match
Goldwell elumen x
Redken 5cr + 7rc + Rc + 20
But It would look the best over natural hair- what are you using it over?
Goldwell 7kr would be nice! X
I'm a natural dark auburn but I have hair that is bleached with blondor and pastel, then crazy colour orange in top and have had that for ages!! Now looking for a more natural look I know it's guna be a pain to keep in but id rather start now while it's short so the rest grows out with it
My hair colour at the moment
Elumen is good and ammonia free no need to mix it either :)
Goldwell do some gorgeous auburns/reds & coppers.
My hair is naturally auburn and I stopped dying it awhile ago but use goldwell colourance with clear to add shine so it doesn't look so dull in the winter months :)
I have majirel 7.44 with 1/4 of the copper mixtone x
777 schwartzkopf xx
Colour touch 7/4 over the top of your current orange shade should create that burnt copper hue. I like colour touch 7/4 7/47 0/34 for burnt oranges
Igora 7-77 gives a really strong burnt copper!

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I've just used ingora 7.77 on my hair it's a bit bright but then again I've only ever had chocolate colour prob need to get used to it
Thanks everyone I'll look them all up! X
I would go with half 7.44 and half 6.43 with no mixtone, your gonna get a lot of copper coming through from what you've already got and you want something that's going to hold. Definitely do some strand pieces if you can, crazy colour can be very unpredictable :) x
i use half 7/34 and half 6/0 KP and then every fortnight refresh with CF 7/43. Love being ginge :)
I would be tempted to do a 6.46 in majirel with 7.4 +7.43 foils round that front section on the underneath :) x
ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1385768849.311998.jpgthis is my best friend with 7.77 Schwartzkopf xx
ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1385796809.013766.jpg I use matrix 7C and 7RC with HD-C booster. To top up I use HD-C and SR-CR for brightness :) photo attached
They look gorgeous!

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