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Oct 23, 2007
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Can any of you pro's recommend me a good (light weight non greasy good holding) finishing spray for my tonged curls?

I usually use kerastase serum while my hair is wet, but im guilty of not using a heat protector..infact in guilty of not using many hair products at all as i hate my hair getting greasy..

Im open to product recommendations and advice on products - does the serum count as a heat protector or would i need both?

Hope im posting in the right place :rolleyes:

Cheers Gals..:smack:
Your hairdresser would be the best person to ask as they know the condition of your hair etc and they'll be able to recommend one they stock in their salon.

well i woul,d but shes off having a baby..
Hiya I like and would recommend the Wella , or Loreal range , so pop into any local hairdressing salon who retail these products (or a professional product of your choice )
and they will consult with you and go over what is best for your hair ,

as Sandi says It is better this way as we cannot see or feel the condition of your hair so we would just be virtual guessing , :hug: x

fair enough.
I only asked as there may have been a product out there that was much more widely used/recommended..but you are right there are hundreds of products, etc

So thank you for your responses anyway...

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