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Mar 16, 2004
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Hi peeps just wondered if any of you that work mobile have done a first aid course etc in case the unfortunate happens with your client? only just starting out and wondered if its something i need to consider as i was reading through the C.O.S.H.H yesterday about helath and safety in the work place x x thanks guys x
Thats given me something to think about !

Its a good idea to have the basic training just incase.

I am really lucky as my employer (none nail related) has asked me to do a St Johns First Aid day course, which will come in handy...

However I really dont know where the law stand on freelance workers, I found this on the HSE web site.

Application of the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 to self-employed workers

As a self-employed worker, you are required to ensure you have adequate facilities to provide first aid to yourself while at work.

You must make an assessment of the hazards and risks in your workplace and establish an appropriate level of first aid provision. What this means in practice is that if you work in a low risk activity, eg clerical work at home, a normal domestic first aid box would be adequate. If your work involves driving long distances or you are continuously on the road, the assessment may identify the need to keep a personal first aid kit in your vehicle.

Many self-employed people work on mixed premises with other self-employed or with employed workers. Although you are legally responsible for your own first aid provision, it is sensible to make joint arrangements with the other occupiers and self-employed on the premises. This would generally mean that one employer would take responsibility for first aid cover for all workers on the premises. HSE recommends there is a written agreement for any such arrangement.

Which applies to us but not sure how it effects our cleints?
Thanks Louise for posting that, its definately something i think i will oook into a bit more x x x
Kellyc said:
Thanks Louise for posting that, its definately something i think i will oook into a bit more x x x

Just had a thought your insurance company might be able to give you advise as it might or might not be stipulated in your cover whether you can or cant treat even if you are a first aider...I might be completely of track here but it couldn't hurt to call..
Hi Louise, just had a nosy on the designer nails site and this is the quote about what they say concerning First Aid:

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Sorry doesnt look like its worked but it does say you need to have a first aider in the workplace and a first aid box also advisable is a eye wash solutionand have material safety data sheets, its really good to read. Its on www.designernails. com, NVQ and element 2.
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