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Jan 12, 2003
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As most of you know, I work from home and am just wondering whether you home salon ladies have first aid training?

Look forward to your replies.
Hi Adele,

I was a nominated first aider when I was working in an office (many moons ago LOL) but I have not kept up my refreshers. I always meant to keep it up but like lots of other things, it is finding the time. The one I did was more akin to the offshore oil industry.

Maybe I will look into it - although the downside of the current thinking is that everyone wants to sue you so a friend of mine joked about the first aid courses now spend the first half an hour telling you why not to help someone in case you got sued if you did the wrong thing - food for thought huh!
I'm a volunteer and member of the British Red Cross, so have been fortunate to get regular training and practice in First Aid. I hold a current First Aid at Work certificate, but i think my Public First Aid has lapsed as i haven't been able to go much lately. I have held at various points a certificate in using a defibrillator, but that only lasts 6 months so that's lapsed!

Strictly speaking, a FAAW cert only allows you to work on employees, not members of the public (ie clients), but i don't think anyone's goin to argue if you stopped them from dying!
You also need to have a first aid kit and accident book (you probably already know that, just thought i'd mention). There are also some things which MUST NOT be included in a fa kit such as paracetamol - nothing stopping you putting these somewhere else though.

I think (biased though i am! ;) ) if you get a lot of elderly clients, ones with health problems, a lot of clients and if you are not near the middle of a town, it is a very good plan to join someone like the Red Cross who will train you for free (yes free, that's what made me join to start with!) if you give up a little time to help at events. The practice is the thing that is really important - anything you don't practice you forget.
Not to sound like a cheerleader or anything!
If i remember correctly it may be a legal requirement for you to at least have a First Aid Appointed Persons cert if you are a "workplace" If you are a "high risk" work place (prob not!) or if you have 5+ employees you need FAAW wihich lasts for 3 years. Think that's correct, but correct me if i'm wrong.

Hope this helps!
I have first aid training as I also had to have it for working with children. I too have a home salon and would feel more comfortable knowing that I have first aid training. I also keep a first aid box in the room and have a small fire Hydron as you never know do you. I like to show the clients that I have thought of their safety too so I hope that nothing ever happens but I think if you can have the training and are willing to do it then go for it!!! It's very usefull to know in every day life and not just for professionals! ;)
I have a First Aid at Work certificate but I didn`t know it wasn`t any good for my clients. I used to belong to St. Johns Ambulance Brigade but the ties were too much for me so I now no longer go. I`ll have to look into what we need to have in a home salon, as I honestly thought I was ok
As a parent I fell it was a real confidence boost to do a first aid course with St John ambulance. Thank heavens I have never had to use it. I was able to use a grant called "removing barriers to training" to pay for it. I beleive most parents can claim this grant.

On a lighter note, it is a very sociable thing to do - you may even pick up a few clients!! They will all notice you nails as you apply bandages etc. so it is bound to come up in conversation.
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