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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
Do any of you employ someone (or are someone) who is qualified in first aid??? and whether you have had to use those skills!

I am going on a weeks course in December and just wondered who else might be qualified in first aid - (especially after the recent thread about a client fainting)!

From what I can gather you have a practical and a theory test and then have to have a refresher course each year!

Wish me luck geeky ones - not sure how I will cope with CPR - even on a dummy :lol:
I am a qualified first aider & yes have had to put it to the test on more than one occasion in my life. Have to say it is definitely worth having. Usually you have to refresh every 3 yrs.

Good luck though it will be so worth it, plus the dummies are so relaxed you'll not need to worry really good at just lying there & letting you practice!!! LOL :) Also have to put someone in the recovery position which is always good for a laugh as well as bandaging them up/slings etc....!! Don't forget your camera, LOL!!! :lol:
I'm not current in my qualifications and have never had to use them .....
but my hubby is qualified/certified ......and he has had to use it a couple of times....

the last time however he had to use it on a client of his ...however the gentleman did not survive .......he had a brain aneurysm....

JMO.....I think all adults should learn at leased basic first aide

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