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Southern Geek
Apr 21, 2004
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Had my first day at work today in a Salon...:eek: I'm soooo tired
Just wanted to thank all you guys that supported me and got me through..!
Had a wonderful day, the girls in the shop are great and it will be so nice to out for a xmas do with other people rather then
So different from working at home.

Thanks again

Vicky xx
Well done for having a great first day - it is knackering but you will do well.

Glad to hear all went well Vicky! Keep up the good work! xx
Hi Vicky,,,,,,well done on your 1st day chick!
i started last week,1st time in a salon and was soooooo nervous,you may remember as you replied to my post,,,,i have'nt done a full set yet only spa manicures,manicures and some nail art,1st set booked in for next week,,,,,like you all the girls are so lovely and friendly which helps big time!!!
all the best,,,i know you'll be fab,,,,take care, DEBS.x :)
Thanks for the messages girls...they really help...:)

All i'v done so far is full sets Deb, infills and re-balances today and one full set for good measure ;) im nervous just thinking about it!

Hope all goes well for you too Deb..!

Thanks again Geeks....xx
good luck i am sure you will be into the full swing in a couple of weeks time ,just enjoy it , love dee :cool:
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