Fish therapy swims to Birmingham


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Mar 24, 2010
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Having made a big splash in London, Aqua Sheko, the capital's first ever luxury fish spa, has hotfooted it to Birmingham as a pop up spa in Selfridges.

Curious pedicure lovers will find the fish therapy treatment, which uses garra fufa fish to gently remove dead skin, in the beauty hall on level 3 of Selfridges Birmingham in Upper Mall East. A bespoke spa has been installed featuring two tanks that follow the same sleek oriental design as Aqua Sheko’s original London store in Kensington.

David Walker Smith, beauty buying director for Selfridges, said: “Aqua Sheko’s doctor fish have taken the London beauty scene by storm and we are thrilled to offer our customers an exciting new experience, which is the first of its kind in the Midlands.”


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We've got one of these in York that opened a couple of months ago...I have tried it and it was great, felt like I was walking on cushions after. I suffer from bad circulation and when it's cold my feet get really painful, the day I went in a couple of weeks ago my feet were in agony and I came out feeling great (a mixture of the fish and the warm water soak I guess).

As it only opened fairly recently the fish are not that big but I reckon as they grow it will get even better. It wasn't the most relaxing of environments but still very good. I will be going back and plan to make it a regular thing when I can.

This is the one I went to in York Fish Foot Spa by Appyfeet - The UK's first and fastest growing fish pedicure company

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