Flat Flat Nails!!! What tips? Help!


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Jun 6, 2003
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Dear Nail Geeks/Geekettes,

Thought I would turn to you all for any advice regarding 'flat nails'.

I am yet another newbie and have had great help from Mrs Geek a while back with my air bubble woes......:D

I qualfied NVQ in April this year and have been working part time at a salon where the others are also newbie's.....so we are all struggling together.

I know I am far (very) from doing really good nails.....though I am planning to take creative training early next year which I am sure I can only benefit greatly from.......;)

We have only one type of tips and my main problem since working there is fitting the tips to the nails that arrive at my table so to speak. Mainly nail biters etc which are one thing but a lot of 'flat' nails ie. no curve across the nail so to speak or c curve.:shock:

I can't sculpt properly yet :x and have to do ladies nails soon, so I tried the tips we have and they were useless....infact her thumbnail was so wide that the number 1 tip was way to small. So we have the 'unknown' make and Millenium square which were no good either.

Previously I used elation tips from a sample pack the last time someone with huge thumbnails walked through the door.....(a life saver at the time) I have also bought some formation tips myself (not the salons) but they look too curved as well!

What are the best tips or techniques for tacking the flat nail scenario???

hope someone can advise further!!!!


Wander Newbie no1111111000000!!! :rolleyes:

ps I don't think the salon owner is aware or willing to buy lots of different style tips :(
Well love here is what you can do ................
Creative do a great tip that you can use on flat nail beds, it's the Formation tip...........This will give you a nice gentle arch and a gentle c-curve.
Other companies sometimes call this tip Futura.........

If you find that this tip is still to flat in the well area, and you have air bubbles after fitting the tip, you can also try cutting a little v shape into the well area to give the well area a bit more movement. I would use Gel bond instead of resin, it is thicker and will fill any gaps....................Then blend and use the chosen overlay..........Apply your product and build a nice arched nail plate, rebalance regularly 2-3 weeks to maintain the look..................

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxx
Hi Wander!

Yes I would also go with the formation tip by Creative Nails. Its exactly like a normal tip but there is a slight V type cut out on the well of the tip enabling a snug fit to the flattest of nails. I use them they're great!

Aint those with the v-cut out the Eclipse tips ???? But I found they work better if there are deep side walls lol......................they have more of a c-curve and as the nail bed is very flat, theymight not be as suitable, but hey everybody has there own favorite method of application .... lol

love Ruth xxx
Hiya Wander.....
I have found that the Formation or the Eclipse nail tips from Creative to be an ideal solution for a flatter nail :thumbsup:
Eclipse have a V shaped cut out in the well area which is quite flexible......and Formation being a sort of "fits all" type shape works OK too.....(usually having to take out some of the well area first!)

I was taught using one sort of tip....and genuinely believed that this was so!
How wrong I was taught!

Hope this is helpful!
yes your right ruthy the eclipse tips have the v shaped cut out in the well
Hi folks

Yep, formation is it. But you know what - some nails are even flatter than these guys can adhere too :? Here's how I'd do it:

Take the next Formation tip size larger and file down the sides to get side wall to side wall fit - this way you take away some of the curviness. This provides a much flatter underside to adhere to a bloomin' flat nail.

Cutting a V out is ok too. Eclipse tips have a V for that very reason - to ease up on the tension across the plateau of the nail - which is definately required for biters with deep side walls.

"Very FLATtering!?"
Dear All,

Thanks for your advice I will try both the formation and eclipse
on her nails and see how they work!

Hope they fit her bloomin 'big' thumbs though (think man size
or 'thumbs and fingers like spades' - she said this herself by the

Also Amanda's idea of using a larger tip and filing down. And thank's
Ruth I have bought some gel bond so maybe this is where I get it
out and give it a whirl!

Thank you all again I'll post in 2 weeks when I've done them it's
going to be a challenge!

bye bye

yes sorry.......eclipse is right.......i'm a newbie and still gettin used to the different names :( sorry! right description wrong name :oops:
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