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May 18, 2006
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Hamilton, New Zealand
Ok,,,so i've done a bit of searching on here and done a bit of reading on flat nails.
Most of the info I can find is to do wit a new set of enhancements. While i can get a new set looking good, sometimes i find that after awhile (couple months or more) after the clients nails start growing out, they tend to lose that nice c curve shape. what can i do here? do i have to remove them and put a new set on? if so, how do i explain this to my clients...ie why remove and then the extra cost...
I'd just like to be able to get tht nice shape back...
Any ideas will be much appreciated :)
Sweetie you just need to do a full rebalance and replace that pretty apex curve- No need to remove, just thin the product 50-75% and reapply. ;)

It won't get too thick or too thin if you do it just right. :) If they are losing the curve you placed, you are thinning the apex out too much when you are filing-

Here is a trick to help you with your filing technique- get an egg- a BOILED one mind you, and color it with a crayon- doesn't matter what color.

Then take a 180 grit abrasive and file the crayon off. Notice that the egg is shaped rather like the nail plate? Maybe just bigger? ;)

You aren't filing straight back and forth, you should be filing in a bit of an arc.

Try it, it will blow your mind... :)
Thanks Heather,,,i guess i was taking too much of the apex off. i think i am worried about it just looking to thick.
i will give the egg thing a try today!
thanks for the tips :hug:
Your very welcomeeeee- Good luck ;)

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