Flirties v Lash Perfect


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Oct 18, 2010
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I use lash perfect but has anyone any experience of flirties?
Has anyone mixed in terms of in fills with a different brand?
I wouldn't recommend it but would be interested to know if anyone has and how they looked...
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When you say mixing with you mean different lashes ie extensions from different suppliers or do you mean the adhesive and / or other products?

If you can avoid it then that might be better but generally i dont see a problem in using the different extensions or even adhesives when you are doing infills but whatever you do dont mix the actual products together.

To give you a clean start it might be a better option to wait till the client is ready for a new set or remove the extensions and start afresh, that way you can see better how you get on with the products and your client will have an even set.

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