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Jun 10, 2013
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How many of you fellow freelancers who work from home sell retail products, how much stock do you all keep and what do you sell? Do you sell more than one brand? Do you sell a whole range of a line (various shampoo, conditioners, treatments, styling products, ie. waxes, gels, etc) or just shampoo, conditioners and treatments?
At first I didn't have any retail. I would talk to my clients normally about products as if in salon, and order them as they wanted them, until I had a little bit more money to buy some retail to put on the shelf.

I waited until my supplier had a good deal on retail, and only got in a small amount. I have three each of shampoos, conditioner, leave in spray moisturiser, leave in serum and a treatment. I still haven't sold any, but I'm happy for it to sit there for a little while as it didn't cost too much to get it.
What brand do you use?

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I sell products from home (I do extensions) I have my own branded products bought from Options, sell extension brushes and combs, I have now started selling macadamia products such as their hair oil, leave in cream and tangle teezers :) I include an aftercare kit but manage to sell more on near enough every fitting. I just explain the products in detail their benefits etc and advise 'if you ever watch to make a purchase its always under RRP' I'm not pushy as I don't make a lot of profit from it. I've also started stocking balmain mini and normal straighteners along with balmain products :) xx

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