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Jan 11, 2003
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please can somebody tell me the best way to achieve this with enamel
There are various tricks you can use to practice. I start my students off with cotton. Lay a bit of cotton down on a tacky nail, gently lift it and it will leave a little dent. Use this line to follow with a white polish.

You can also use french guide tapes but i find they take to long.

I always start my line with a "V" shape, then take your brush and sweep it across the middle. I nearly always get a nice smile with this technique.

The best answer i can give is to practice. If you get stuck, use an airbrush, its perfect every time!
Hi Rachael,
BY cotton ...
Do you mean cotton thread or a piece of material.?

Never heard of this training technique before but it sounds kind of a cool idea. But why not just follow the natural smileline line if you see what I mean. Why do you think the dent makes it easier?

I just start at one side and sweep the brush along to the other side.
Rather than moving the brush, I rotate the finger so that the polish gets right up into those pesky corners.
Never worry about getting polish on the skin .. you will if you want the polish to reach up into the corners. Remove it later.
Oh and another thing ... the faster you do it, the better it will turn out.

Ever tried to draw a perfect circle s l o w l e y? Can't do it. But do it quickly and you can get near perfect every time. The faster the better.
chocolate said:
I always start my line with a "V" shape, then take your brush and sweep it across the middle. I nearly always get a nice smile with this technique.

This works really well for me too! :D
Hi ya geeg, hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas.

Yep, cotton thread! As you follow the line with your brush, the varnish dips into the dent and you get a perfect line. You can only do straight line with this. If you have my book, there is a full page step by step pic. It sounds a bit mad but its good confidence building.

I still get it on the skin, but a quick wipe and its gone. i would rather have a perfect line.

I have also started using the Nubar 2-way nail art pen to draw the line, then a varnish to fill in the bottom.
maddie sawasdee ka

We had same problem for many month and now we do the swipe and if need we make better after with little acetone on a nail art brush you can make for sure .

If you can have creative product they have a product that will make job better for you but if you can not have the acetone will help you same us .

Kop khun ka mui ka
hi ya...i finished my FDFC yesterday and we was showed how to perfect the smile with nail was really cool how it didnt smudge the rest of the smile...needless to say i then bought a bottle...
merry christmas everyone!!! :D 8) :)
I agree with Geeg - the best way to create a smile is to do it in one swoop. Make sure you've got a good white with an equally good brush; load up your polish; apply to one side of the nail and roll the client's finger keeping the brush on the nail until you come to the other end. The trick is in getting a nice smooth curve. My clients fingers always end up looking like mount Everest after I've completed the whites!! Never mind because when they're all cleaned up they look beautiful.

Don't be scared and don't be slow, just keep on practising and before you know it they will look perfect.

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