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Feb 17, 2016
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What do yous all think about doing friends and family for free ?? Should I be charging them , I usually would just ask for why I've used or tell them to buy it , or if it was bleach highlights etc then just ask for a fiver or so since i have the big tubs of bleach anyway ??
Nope never do them for free. Only people i do for free is my sister and mum, but they buy their colours and will pay me extra 15 if i use olaplex on them.
I'm not a hairdresser, I do beauty but I don't charge my close family (mum, gran, sister) but do charge my friends. It can be awkward at first, but if you explain right from the start that you are going to charge them like normal clients because you have to buy the products etc etc it won't be so awkward. That's what I do but it's you're decision! [emoji4] xx
I would never do it free if they weren't buying the products but I don't see a problem doing it free of charge if no moneys coming out my bank for products .as its something I enjoy anyway xx
I would never do it free if they weren't buying the products but I don't see a problem doing it free of charge if no moneys coming out my bank for products .as its something I enjoy anyway xx
Yeah it's you're decision doll! If you're happy doing free for friends and family then do so [emoji16] xx
I don't charge my mom and sister, but I do ask if they have the cash to help with the cost. And sometimes just get them to buy the colour themselves. Then I have a few mates rates, and some hair trades ;-) But it's all subject to change.
It is very uncomfortable u think asking but I do it, I only do my mum and nana for free everyone else pays.
I would never do it free if they weren't buying the products but I don't see a problem doing it free of charge if no moneys coming out my bank for products .as its something I enjoy anyway xx

I mean its completely up to you and i was like that at first but you'll begin to wonder is it really worth your time.
Yes, but only for very close family - mum, granny etc.

I can understand you doing a service swap and doing hair for free if your friends can do something of similar value in return, otherwise my advice is don't do it.

It seems like a good idea when you're new and needing heads to practise on but when you're trying to earn a living and responsible for paying your bills, it can become messy. Especially if they begrudge paying you the going rate, it will test your friendship.
At the moment it's just training so all good , but eventually I will take money xx
I'm a beauty therapist. I don't charge my immediate family.
Friends I would treat one off, but if they want regular treatment they will pay me. I offer friends a very good discounted rate as they understand products used on them is not free.

I have had to hint to a few friends that products cost money and I cannot afford to give out free treatments.
I do my dad and my Godsons hair cut for free.

Dad helped me financally to start and I haven't even started paying him back

And my Godson gets no other perks from me being his Godmum

Everyone else I charge £5 or £15. But they let me try new colours/cuts/techniques on them.

I go too mad. I give my brother-in-laws family 10% discount too.
I charge everyone 20 each for whatever they have done and I make them come to my salon don't do home visits. If a full paying customer needs my time my junior stylist will blowdry family hair. Friends get 20 percent discount. End of the day we have business to run and products have to come from somewhere. And I remind them now and again how much I save them a year lol
I would be careful who you offer free treatments to. When training in beauty and with hair I was dishing out treatments to certain people thinking it was benefiting me because it gave me practice, but then they would "book in" treatments and just leave without paying. Now I only ever do free treatments for my wife (she has to have some benefits being married to me, lol) my mum and my sister, and even they try to throw money at me! :) it's up to you but just don't let anyone take advantage or let people giving you a fiver take up valuable working time that you could be making a wage on! :)
I only do my mum and sister for free and sometimes I make my sister buy her own products. I have a separate pice list for friends and family that I go off for beauty as my staff do that but for hair some family n friends I charge the price of the products but really should charge more as thy are takin up my time that I don't really have spare. I do recently have a 'friend' of the family who keeps having her nails done and walking out without paying. It is annoying as even my own nan as to pay the 'family price'.
Are you salon bases? When I do friends and family it's always at home so I need to go out and buy what I need so is it right of me to want them to buy the stuff or give me the money for the stuff I'm buying ?
I stupidly made the mistake of doing so called friends and family for free and after 10 years it takes its toll when you get nothing back! I won't ever make those mistakes again.
I will happily do my mum, mum in law and dad ect for free as what they do for me probably out weighs that!
I do family for free, friends cover the cost of products and pay me in gossip, tea and cake. (I make them aware I am partial to a chocolate eclaire...they usually get the message)
If they take advantage, they get told I'm busy....indefinitely
Great thread guys!.... I'm in the same situation but I'm finding that my group of girls 90% of them are so loyal and only come to me, when I started I offered them 30% off. Can I revoke the discount when there is no loyalty? A friend /regular client recently tagged another stylist in a more complex hair colour on facebook 2 days after I coloured her hair (she said she loved it) I'm confused I know to a degree it's the nature of our business but how do I get clients to stop taking the pee? I'm very good at my job so annoyed that she contacted another stylist for the more complex of the two colours even though it's evident by my work on facebook I have achieved this look several times! X

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