From bleached blonde to ombré w/highlights or color melting


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Mar 11, 2016
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San Diego
Hi everyone!

I figure I'd introduce myself by posting my frustration about my current colour, which is a very light blonde (in between 8 and 9), but at least not too warm!

I am naturally a level 3 and I've always wanted to grab some nice lighter strands-- Jessica Alba's hair is my goal...any color, any shade she rocked (except the bleached blond!). Now that I am blonde I look 'washed', this is definitely too light for me. I was hoping to get some advice to get a more subtle look. I regularly visit Pinterest for hair inspo and find that sombre would suit me so much better!!!!!

So I was hoping to do something myself to fix my colour, since the hair was lightened and toned at a salon and I cannot afford another visit and then find out that the colorist was unable to achieve what I wanted.

And I am not even that crazy client you guys have who asks to go too many shades lighter in a single session, but that's the result I got anyway...twice...on top I payed ridiculous amounts at a top notch salon...what a mess!!!:(:(:(:mad:

To go back to my plan of glory, I'd like to have 3 different colors in cool tones - brown, dark blonde and blonde -- blended from roots to ends from darker to lighter. A few highlights would be nice but maybe that is too much to achieve in one session? I was asking because my hair is already light and would just add more colour on top of the existing blond.

I bought the cool tones of the colors above in Wella Illumina 6/16, 7/81 and 10/69, and got the Welloxon developer as well. I got 2 9%bottles since my hair is already light so no need to to lift further, and bought a 12% just in case my dark brown roots need a light lifting effect.

The question is: is it going to be safe to color my hair with those colors? I am still studying how to achieve the perfect technique (probably you'll hear from me later :D ) but I fear the results of those colours applied to my blond hair...would the oucome be good in your opinion? I'll also get Olaplex 1,2, and 3, it doesn't look complicated from the instructions as agin I am not really going lighter -- I am just adding color .

What would you reccommend? Any help wpuld be greatly appreciated!:oops:;)

Many thanks in advance


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