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May 12, 2003
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Hi Geekettes,

If any of you are stuck for what to do today and live anywhere near Birstall (West Yorkshire, near Batley!) then you are more than welcome to come down and join in our Fun Day!

We are raising money for FairField School for Disabled Children, and we are trying to raise enough to get them a Mini Bus, which is essential for them to get the Children to and from School.

My Nana is on the Cake Stall and her Baking is YUMMY! I am doing the face painting and Nail Art for the Children, and there is tons going on.

Even though it is short notice it would be great if any of you could make it and show your support.

It's from 12pm onwards and is at Smithie Moor Lane Football Field, Birstall
Loads of Love

Victoria x :)
I would love to have come but it's a bit far for me being in Essex. Hope you get plenty of support and raise the money you need for the mini bus.

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