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Jan 10, 2003
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can anybody tell me that has ordered a geek t-shirt what size you ordered and what it fit like i want to order one but struggling to pick which size would be best

:? :? :?
the sizings are a tad strange ,looking at it ,is a dress 12 the largest they come in. which is fine but is it a big 12 or a tiny 12.
hmmm... Dont know about the dress sizes :)

Groovy... where are you seeing a size 12?

the Baby T's and Camosile are snug fit. Other than that... they are pretty standard sizes.

Help out at all? :?
i got a small t-shirt, im a size 8 and it fits like an 8-10, my mum got a medium which fits like a 10-12. but i havent washed them yet, they might shrink a tad.

lots of love

Nikki xxx
i got the sizing from the shopping page with all the stuff on it.
when i clicked on the view sizes button ,it gives a list of all the sizes

Women's Apparel
Jr. Baby Doll T-shirt, Jr. Spaghetti Tank and Camisole

These items are designed to fit juniors. They fit snug and sizes run small.

Size Bust Waist Length Dress Size
Small 28" 26" 22 1/8" 0-2
Medium 30" 28" 22 3/4" 4-6
Large 33" 31" 22 3/8" 8-10
X-Large* 35" 33" 24" 12

* Not available in all styles

are these the sizes available or am looking in the wrong place :oops:
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