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Oct 2, 2005
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south yorkshire
hi all

jst put finish it ! on nails and used ezflow lamp but ive got some bubbles why is this ?
thankyou x
Maybe you "worked it" or patted it with your brush as you applied? This can cause air bubbles.

Or if you shook it before application?
i dont think so what is the best way to apply any tips ?
Sorry maybe I misunderstood your question lol! I thought the bubbles were in the top coat of Finish.

Do you mean the bubbles are air bubbles which are present from where you applied the tips?
no it is the top coat not the l&p or tip jst bubbles in the top coat
Ahhh . . . I see. Well I can't think of anything else which would cause bubbles in the top coat at the mo.

re: the tip question, have a look at the Tutorials section (go to Navigation on the top bar and tutorials is right at the bottom), also if you do a Search on "tip application" you should come up with plenty of food for thought!
hi ya,
the bubble in the top coat might be cause by shaking the bottle before you used it or if you have over worked the topcoat on application, can you remember shaking the bottle?
it could also be dust particles...?

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