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May 1, 2012
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Hi girlies.

I had a lady in last week for a clear gel overlay and then i painted on top of it. She come back 3 days later with the gel all chipped on the ends. So i took it off and have re done them with a coloured gel. She has now sent me a message saying that they lasted 4 days and the gel has chipped again on the ends.

She wants something on her nails to strengthen them but she doesn't want acrylic.

Any ideas on what i could try next or should she just leave her nails with nothing on?
If the gel is chipping could it b either something she is doing (being a bit heavy handed) and is the application you have applied thick enough ( or should u say adequately applied to give her enough strength on her free edge) mayb the overlay is too thin x
It sounds like her homecare to be honest. I'm heavy handed, and l&p is the only thing that lasts on my nails, I chip everything else.
Have you asked her why she doesn't want l&p? I've managed to convert a few of my clients :) xxxx
She said she has worn gloves for doing the washing up etc. She has gone from having acrylics on all the time so her nails are quite soft so she wanted to add a bit of strength. Could the fact that they are soft be making them chip?

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