Gel extensions breaking at tips


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Apr 13, 2016
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Hi did a one to one course at home and I'm using light elegance fiber gel for my extensions. I don't struggle with lifting but sometimes they break at the tips and it's getting very fustrating as I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. :(

I do my cuticle work
Buff and file nails
Clean with cleanser and dehydrator
Primer on natural nail
Apply light elegance power bond
Very think coat of fiber gel
Sculpt extension
shape nail
One coat of fiber gel
Build apex
Two coats of gel polish
Top coat

I always flash cure in between nails to make sure the gel doesn't run out of shape
A picture would be helpful for us to see what's going on. However if the breaks are usually along the smile line then it could be that your apex isn't placed correctly or built up enough, or that the shape and/or length of the nail isn't suitable for the clients lifestyle and needs.
I've had one friend who's nails have been on 3 weeks and some people have breaks. It wont let me upload photo off my phone. Says the file is too large is there any other way I can do It?

That seems like sooo many layers, although I don't use that brand. I wonder about the first very thick coat. Most first coats are thin or scrubbed in. But like I said, I don't use that brand. Also what is your procedure for tips? Are you sure the tip is not too small and creating undue pressure?
Can you describe exactly what you mean by breaking at the tips?
Yeah they like to break off but it's the gel that's attach to the nail plate it's only where I've sculpted the extensions. I can get pictures but I think il have to upload them from my computer later. I dunno whether maybe I'm not using enough gel when I'm sculpting the extensions so it's not bonding properly. She said it broke off when she put her trainers on. It's just fustrating cause I don't wanna advertise until their staying on properly but feel like I'm getting no where
Sounds very much like an apex problem. Also, if you're sculpting I would double check that the form is straight and flush with the natural nail.
Sounds very much like an apex problem. Also, if you're sculpting I would double check that the form is straight and flush with the natural nail.

Could it possibly be my lamp or anything aswell?
It could be, but generally, if a lamp issue, they would lift, not break.
Could it possibly be my lamp or anything aswell
If it's not every client then it simply points to application, and maybe the client breaking it on her trainer! If the majority of your clients wear is fine then you have to look at what the client is doing.
This is the broken nail


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And this one :(


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I believe it's a form placement issue and that the join area between extension and natural nail is not adhering properly.
Thank you I think this maybe the problem as I do struggle abit getting my forms on. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks

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