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Feb 27, 2004
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Hi all

Wondered if anyone can help me - I have been doing gels which look really great and my clients are very pleased but it seems to be that after about 10 days or so they have discolouration on the edge of the tips - it is blackish and some of them look like they are lifting but only on the tip area. I wondered if it has anything to do with when they are cooking and they are burnt?? very puzzling

thanks for any feed back
witchesmole x
have you made sure that the shine is removed from the tip before applying gel? You need to be extremely thorough about this. Also, have you applied the gel to the edge of the tip - sometimes called "capping the free edge"? You need to ensure the gel is not just sitting on the surface.

What products are you using? What is you prep & application procedure?

Regarding heat causing discolouration - I did have a client set hers on fire whilst lighting birthday candles!!! I doubt that is it though - my guess would be that the free edge is not completely sealed and you are getting dirt underneath.
product I am using are nail solutions prep and primer pen - it is more than possible that I have not 'capped' the edge so will give that a try

thank you
witchesmole x

Is this a soft soak off gel??
Hi guys

Brisa is not a soak off gel! At Olympia I saw some disappointed faces when I mentioned this! And I don't blame them either.

But, when Creative Nail Design decided to bring out a gel, they wanted an absolutely superb one, full of durability and easy to use.

One day, just one day, they may find the answer to soaking it off. However, buffing down layers to the last and then soaking is what is advised now.

Try and avoid soaking any nail enhancements off anyway - just keep getting your roots done!! In hair language!! We don't take the colour off our hair, we just keep on balancing zone 3. A coating on the nails is the best thing ever for them.

Happy Brisa - ing

Lots of love
The discoloration that you describe is caused by dirt that gets trapped under the gel that has lifted at the tip of the nail. In order to prevent lifting at the free edge when working with gels it is important to watch out for the following:

1- Remove the shine from the tip
2- Seal the free edge with gel. Make sure you don't file the nail at the front when doing your finishing! If you have to, cure the nail further holding the hand upside down.
3- When working on an natural nail (no tips) make sure the gel is not too thin at the free edge. Sometimes when the natural nail is thin there will be excessive flexibility and the gel will separate from the nail.

This should fix your problem, if not, try another brand of gel. I use Pronails gel and haven't had any problems of the sort but i once tried a gel that was supposedly the best out there and all of my clients started to have fe lifting! Good luck!
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