Gel ll vs Gelish?


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Apr 29, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I run a home salon and I am currently stock the entire shellac collection. However, like anything it doesn't suit 100% of my clients. I am looking to introduce a gel polish system into the salon to run along side Shellac.

My two top choices are Gel ll and Gelish. I have used Gelish before and loved it, although I am put off by the fact that some colours fade.
The reviews on gel ll are extremely tempting, although some of the pictures I have seem give an uneven a bumpy line of light if that makes any sense.

I have recently tried gel ll and got on with it well, which didn't really help either way!

I was just wondering if anyone if any opinions regarding either systems as I am completely stumped!!

Thank you in advance

Jody xx
To be honest out of all the Gelish colours there's only a couple that fade. And if you ever do encounter problems nail harmony replace any faulty colours without a problem.

I'm a massive fan of Gelish and my clients come back to every appointment after 3 weeks with chip free shiny nails.
They love the huge colour range and wearability.
IBD Just Gel Polish. We use Shellac, Gelish, Bio Sculpture and Ink. Ibd works on 9/10 clients. The colour range is good. Applies well. The finish is lovely. Far more profitable than shellac per service. Still use the full CND prep removers etc. That way I don't have lots of potions and lotions.

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