Gel nails lifting, is it me?


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Aug 2, 2007
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Dorset, UK
Hi all

As you know ive done my training with NSI and i have my exam in 2 weeks.

I have been doing well with gel nails they look good when ive done them clients are always pleased. Ive had quite a few calls about a week after ive done them with people saying they have started to lift, i thought people were supposed to be able to go 2 weeks before infills it something im doing wrong?

I did my own nails which i didnt expect to last too long as it was my first attempt on myself but they have been on a week and a half and could prob do with being infilled now.

Please help!
Where is the lifting occuring?

Are you sure you're removing all non-living tissue from the nail plate before application?

Are you touching the skin with the gel?

Both of those things will contribute to gel enhancements lifting.

Hi! I use Nsi Balance Gel and find that if there is even a miniscule amount of oil or non living tissue on the nail nail plate then they will lift! This is true for all enhancements but I have found that I have to be extra meticulous with Nsi.
The Prep tutorials on here are excellant so take a look!!!
Also are you using the Nail Pure Plus that Nsi recommend now?
Hth xx
Hi, yes i do use the nail pure plus and i spend plenty of time on my prep - the thing i cant understand is how my nails were fine - no real lifting until now (1 1/2 weeks) and i was expecting them to lift straight away because i did them on myself for the first time.

when should a client start to see signs of lifting?
when should a client start to see signs of lifting?
In all honesty?... they shouldn't!
If your prep and application is on the ball then the rest is down to them, it's up to them to look after their enhancements and up to them to make sure they don't abuse their enhancements in between appointments.
Your question was "is it me ?"

and i think the answer is .. Yes...(I don't mean that in a horrid way) you have just done your training...still waiting for your final exam, you are bound to have some problems.

Read up on lifting...check the things Sandy has listed and check them again.

You will overcome this and lifting will become a thing of the past...but give your products a chance. I hear lots of times how newly trained techs start having problems then doubt the product they have trained in and move onto another product.

You'll get there..x

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