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May 28, 2015
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Northern Ireland
Hi everyone,

Do you use a consultation form when doing gel polish and regular polish? If so, do you do it sometime before the client's appointment or on the day? Thanks :)
I would always play safe and do a consultation form for each treatment . At the time of appointment is fine

Always, always do a consultation card, I do one at first appointment asking about life style, possible contra-indications, etc. Then I update at each appointment with date, treatment provided, colour chosen, any art/glitter/stamping brief description, and a one - line description of any observations such as great condition, dry cuticles, no issues, etc. It's come in useful many many times in remembering specific colours chosen before, and even help with medical issues.

I fill it in whilst clients polish is drying, or they're getting their purse, etc. They know I'm doing it and why so happily wait until I'm done if they are quicker then me.

Client record card kept with their individual abrasives in my filing cabinet
Agree with Trinity above.
Really helpful when they ask "can I have the colour you did for me the Christmas before last dear" !!!
Also helpful for soak off timings as I can look back and see how many layers I did of this an' that.
I do the same and initially I found it difficult to end the appointment and ask for payment so found it an easy way to deal with it!
"Right then, what did we have today...that'll be £X please" as I'm noting it down on their card.

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