Gelish cracked!


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Jul 20, 2012
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near Cambridge
Hi gelish geeks,
I did these nails on my aunt and after about a week the ring fingers cracked down the middle and came off?
I didn't see this but she wouldn't lie!

It was odd that it was just the ring fingers. The others were perfect when I removed after 2 weeks.

Any ideas why this would happen? I've never heard of this happening?

I wondered if as they both have 2 base colour layers and they 2 layers of decision colour strip they were maybe to thick? I applied each layer thinly and when I use seafoam I have to do 4 coats with that hasn't cracked. So really a bit baffled!?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I am fairly new to Gelish application. However, from my training it would lead me to think that it is connected to the application of the colour being slightly to thick. I feel that the colours do all apply differently. As I did a set today with Starburst and had to use 3 coats to get a good solid colour application.(on other colours in the Gelish range I get away with 2 coats usually)So I will be interested to see how they wear over the next couple of weeks. Hope this helps a little.
Is it best to apply thinly and use more coats than to risk applying too thick ?
I am not sure as being fairly new to it..but I would like know if it is better to apply more thinner coats.... Any Gelish peeps have any thoughts on this?
I can only speak for what I do, but I personally never apply more than 2 coats. I tried 3 once, and got slight wrinkling, so didn't do that again lol. Apply both fairly thinly...if the first coat seems patchy coverage, the second will undoubtedly correct it. Hth xx

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Ever done 3 layers of June Bride? It's stunning! X
Wrinkling happens when the layer hasn't cured properly due to being too thick. I have done 3-4 coats at times but always very thin...
Some colours definitely need more than two coats for good coverage and it's much better to have 3-4 very thin coats than to use thicker layers. Wrinkling happens when it's applied too thick and it can also cause peeling. So to the OP yes it's possible that the ring finger was polished too thick and didn't fully cure.
Ever done 3 layers of June Bride? It's stunning! X

I must be the only one that doesn't have June Bride :) I must get lucky, 2 coats are never patchy for me and no wrinkling or anything since I was training 3 years ago xx

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