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Oct 9, 2013
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Can anyone help me in understanding why after curing under (36 watt UV)the the foundation gel goes slightly rough and bobbly on the nail! So when putting the gel colour on this shows through on the nail.It doesn't always happen on every nail all the time.
Hiya !
Sometimes if anything is left on the nail it goes bubbly & rough. Is it possible any filings are still floating around the room? If they land on the nail plate again this could cause this.
Very new starting out but I heard this is training :) hope it can help in someway x
Discussed this in training**
Thanks! I will see if this is the case. But it seems to be made worse when I use a brush, to ensure the gel hasn't got the shiny finish to it on the nail plate, before adding gel colour. So I wonder if the excess gel build up on my brush is causing this too! I am also new to Gelish manicures 😃
Perhaps your dry brush (the one you use to brush the sticky inhibition layer before the colour coats) has got contamination on it?
After removing the shine etc right before u apply the bonder/primer do u use a damp lint free wipe (with sanitizer or alcohol) That should hopefully remove any excess dust the brush leaves :) hope this helps :)

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